Are you ready to work abroad?

Ready to work abroad

Answer these five questions. The closer you get to the maximum of 100 points, the more ready you are to work abroad.

Do you take advantage of opportunities that present themselves? What would you do if you were offered a scholarship to study in another country?

Do you seek out new challenges? Would you consider a university term abroad if it meant that you had to study in a foreign language?

Are you able to adapt to the challenges of living and working abroad? How would you deal with a living situation where you had to deal with daily inconveniences, such as a lack of privacy, limited access to clean water, bugs, etc.?

Would you describe yourself as open-minded? How willing are you to try new things, hear new ideas and have new experiences?

Are you a person who adapts quickly and easily to new situations? How do you feel if you’re traveling for more than a week?

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