Nomadjobs is a privately held company based in Sweden. Our main customer market is China. We focus on professional guidance and support to people that want to go abroad to work. It can be CV-writing, fine tuning of a LinkedIn-profile, job hunting or hands on guidance when preparing for a job interview. Nomadjobs is giving you concrete feedback and guidance so you can find a job and move abroad.

Jon Josefsson, CEO

Jon Josefsson

CEO & Founder

Living outside of Gothenburg on the West Coast of Sweden with his family and with the floorball hall around the corner. He has been involved in growing the Swedish HR-company Komet as Recruiter, COO and CEO from place 400 to 16 in the Staffing & recruitment industry in Sweden. He failed with the venture MyAmazon where he tried to sell rainforest in the Amazon basin. Most recently he came from a role as Director at the world’s largest staffing and recruitment company Randstad. In his own words he says “I have the most fun when I get the chance to be involved in building and developing a passionate team during times of development, growth and cultural change. I love to help people grow and to coach them in reaching their full potential. I am as comfortable on the production floor as in the management team meeting, because people are people.

Petter Jahnstedt

Marketing Director

Petter Jahnstedt, Nomadjobs

Petter´s professional career has been devoted to work with media, marketing and events. Something that has contributed to a large network of contacts within these industries, both national and international. As the founder of the Swedish magazine Zero, board member of IUC Väst and CMO at Demo Group, he has had the opportunity to exercise his passion for starting up and running and marketing projects going forward to create value for customers. As a co-founder of Nomadjobs, Petter´s objective is to be a helping hand for people that want to pursue their dream of a job abroad. As a person he is a passionate father and traveler. Meeting and helping people has been in his bloodstream since a young age.

Fiona Liu Holmström, Nomadjobs

Fiona Liu Holmström

Project Leader / Gothenburg

Fiona is from China and currently lives in Trollhattan, Sweden. With extensive experience in international trade, she used to lead her teams to work with different customers from different countries. She has left footprints in many countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Fiona grew up in China, has worked in different industries and positions for more than 15 years in China, and has worked and lived in Europe for many years. She has a good understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures. In this context, she will provide you with a lot of useful advice and help when you are looking for a job abroad. She speaks Mandarin, English, Korean and Swedish. As long as you don’t give up, everything is possible! This is Fiona’s simplest understanding of life.

Tom Josefsson

Project Leader / Gothenburg

Tom Josefsson, Nomadjobs

Tom has a Masters of Science degree from Sweden´s top technology university Chalmers University of Technology and is above being a member of the Nomadjobs team working as a Product manager at Emerson Process Management. At Emerson he´s working with being responsible to set the direction for current and future product line systems/products for our level gauging systems, including radar, electro pneumatic and pressure transmitters, Performance management/Quality management and to specify customer requirements for new products by ongoing interactions with customers and non-customers. Tom has worked in Thailand, South Korea and China.