Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about nomadjobs.coM

Getting started with Nomadjobs

How do I order a consultation with Nomadjobs?

Go into “Our services”, select the service you need and click on “Order”.  Shortcut: Click on


How can I pay?

With credit cards, Wechat Pay or Alipaypay.

I have paid but I have not received a confirmation about my payment?

Check your spam filter to see if you have a confirmation email there. If not please contact us at and we will answer within 24 hours.

Appointment rescheduling

Can I reschedule after I booked time for the consultation service?

If you have to change your appointment for some reason, you can contact us or your professional experts directly to reset a suitable time. But the premise is that you have to contact us by email at least 24 hours before the consultation service you 


I have ordered a consultation but have changed my mind. What can I do?

 Nomadjobs provides you with “a Satisfied Customer Guarantee”. If you want to unsubscribe for a service purchased on for some reason, you can send such a request by e-mail to within seven (7) days after the purchase and the service has not yet started. If the service has been started or completed, the refund service is not available. For details, please read the “Customer Satisfaction” chapter on the site.

Information security

Is my personal information safe in Nomadjobs? Will it be leaked to others?

Don’t worry, your information is safe at Nomadjobs! We process your personal information with the utmost care and protect your privacy and your personal data in accordance with applicable laws. We will not share or resell the information to any third party. For details, you can read “Our Terms” .  If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, please feel free to contact us:


How do I get in touch with Nomadjobs?, Nomadjobs Wechat customer service account, at Nomadjobs LinkedIn account or directly to one of our staff members. We will answer your question within 24 hours. If you want to book a video call please email us and we´ll set up a time for a video call to address your questions.

Nomadjobs’ Service

Why should I use Nomadjobs´s services?

You will get personal expert help with finding your new job abroad from. Nomadjobs has many years of experience in helping people develop and find a new job. You will get:

  • Detailed personal feedback
  • Answers on your questions on how to get a job abroad
  • Advice based on research and research (Nomadjobs method)
  • The most important advice for you
  • Assessment based on the type of job / job you want
  • Honest and straightforward advice from an independent expert

Expert service

Why should I use an expert to help me find a job abroad?

You can do it yourself and if you visit the Guide-section at this site you will get a lot of tips and ideas on how to fulfill your dream of a job abroad. If you want a helping hand and expert help you should think about using an expert.

CV and cover letter optimization service

What are the advantages of Nomadjobs’ CV and cover letter optimization service?

Nomadjobs’ CV and cover letter optimization service means:

  • 1V1 communication, dig deep into your personal advantages
  • Professional HR writing, focused and clearly organized
  • In line with the recruiter’s screening and reading habit, making it easier for recruiters to remember you
  • Highly fit the industry content, make you the best candidate, and increase the chance of interview invitation.

Job recommendation

Can Nomadjobs recommend me a job or recommend me to suitable vacancies?

Nomadjobs main service is to be your helping hand so yes we can point you in the right direction where to find jobs and even be your job hunter for specific positions or finding a job at a specific company.

The process of CV optimization

What is the process of CV optimization?

1. Successful purchase

          Complete payment and submit personal information correctly

 2. Match expert

         The staff will contact you preliminarily and choose the right expert for you

3. Optimize CV

         After the expert communicate with you in detail, start to optimize your CV

 4. CV delivery

          After the expert completes the CV optimization, it will be reviewed by the   

          quality inspection team. After that, the expert will give you the revised CV

5. Confirmation & feedback

          You confirm the completion of the service and evaluate the expert’s service

6. After-sales service

          Free modification for 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions About Searching Jobs Abroad

Is it easy to find a job in Europe?

It depends on what kind of job you want to find, what qualifications you have and what efforts you have made. To find a suitable job that is beneficial to your future career path, you need to do a lot of preparation. A good tip is to get help from local professional experts in Europe. This will make your job search process easier

Do I need to speak the local language when applying for overseas jobs?

Most overseas companies recruit for global positions in English, so unless there are specific instructions in the job information, they only need to be in English, not the local language.

My English is not good enough, can I work overseas?

Employers and HR are looking for talents who really do things, not for you to speak English every day (except for language work). But fluency in English is a basic requirement. At least you have to be able to work normally and communicate with colleagues or customers normally. You can improve your English through social events, volunteer work and even movies and TV shows. Before the interview, you need to prepare in advance, simulate exercises, and listen to expert’s opinions for improvement. If you need help with improving your English you can contact Nomadjobs for English classes and tutoring. 

Are there academic requirements for applying for a job abroad?

Most companies will specify the minimum educational requirements in their recruitment requirements. Generally, mid-to-high-end positions require at least a college degree or above, and technical positions generally have no educational requirements. Regarding the application policies for work visas and permanent residence permits, major overseas countries currently have no academic requirements. But for visas for high-tech talents (such as the EU Blue Card), at least a bachelor’s degree or above is required to apply.

Can I enjoy the country’s benefits when working abroad?

In most overseas countries, as long as you obtain a work visa, register and settle in the country, you can directly enjoy all equivalent benefits except for the right to vote/be elected and other political rights. For specific benefits, please refer to the laws and policies of each country.

What is the process of job hunting overseas?

Submit applications – participate in interviews – apply for work visas –  register for employment.

Do I have to have a cover letter when applying for a job abroad? Why?

Yes, different from the situation in China, You must write a cover letter when you are applying for a job abroad, and the cover letter must be targeted. This is because the most important question that you need to answer are:

Why should a company hire you?

You need to answer it with:

  • Because I´m good at…. and I can add to your company with…..
  • Because I´m… (write personal qualities, maximum three)

Is it necessary to have a letter of recommendation when applying for a job abroad?

It’s not a must but it will help you. If you have a good letter of recommendation from a former employer it will work as a proof to what you have written in your CV and cover letter and in your LinkedIn profile (on LinkedIn you can ask your former employer to write a recommendation).

Why do I need CV optimization?

From the perspective of job seekers, the first step in finding a job is to write a CV(resume). An excellent CV can help candidates improve the efficiency of job recruitment and the pass rate of CVs screening; From the perspective of HR, the focus of recruitment is to screen CVs. According to statistics, HR spends an average of 15 seconds on each CV, and one in every 245 CVs gets an interview opportunity. Therefore, the importance of a CV is self-evident. It is the first and most important part of your job search.

Remember: A successful CV is a strong marketing tool. It proves to the prospective employer that you can solve his/her problems or meet his/her specific needs.

It can be said that a CV is like a business card for you. Without seeing you, the CV is the only way for you to show your image to the interviewer. The CV determines not only the interview opportunity, but also your chance to get an offer. It is the most important thing that affects your entire job search process. For example, if several candidates are interviewed and the difference is not significant, the CV will become an important determinant. So, if you want recruiters to see yours in countless CVs, you must optimize your CV!

How to deal with unexpected situations during the interview?

During the interview process, job seekers will inevitably encounter various unexpected situations. Whether you can learn to deal with these unexpected situations will affect the results of the interview. The following are some suggestions for dealing with unexpected situations in the interview:

Cleverly resolve blind spots in knowledge

The interview is actually a test of coping ability and how to behave in the world. Therefore, it is recommended that job seekers do not entangle themselves when encountering unfamiliar question types or knowledge blind spots, but grasp the overall situation, analyze and answer from the perspective of commonality according to their own understanding of the questions. 

Easily respond to wrong answers

Most of the difficult questions in the interview have no standard answers, mainly to test your adaptability. 1). If there are mistakes such as unfluent sentences, inaccurate words, and verbal errors, you can admit it to the interviewer and correct them naturally. Generally, the interviewer will give understanding. 2). Viewpoint errors, if a reasonable interpretation of the errors can be made, it is also a remedy.

Jump over obstacles when stuck

Don’t panic if you get stuck or pause in the process of answering questions, slow down your speaking speed appropriately, leaving room for yourself to express and think at the same time; Don’t pause for a long time, it would be equivalent to sending a signal to the interviewer: You have encountered an obstacle and cannot solve it; Don’t repeat a certain word or sentence all the time, but jump over obstacles, and go to the next key point as soon as possible.

A good suggestion is: before the interview, you can ask your European contacts or Nomadjobs experts for help to conduct the interview exercise in advance.